Taglines change, Playpause stays

Opération WordPress (quasiment) terminée. Il me reste à corriger des petits détails, comme caler les images et rétablir les liens entre les billets sur la nouvelle plateforme. Rien ou si peu, quoi.
En attendant, pour fêter la nouvelle tagline de Playpause, un clin d’œil aux increvables Deee-Lite, déjà présents sur une vieille compile

Operation WordPress (almost) accomplished. Minor changes still to come, such as updated links and aligned icons. Not that much.
While you’re waiting for Playpause to be super clean, while you’re expecting the next Select (it’s ready, coming very soon), a little reminder of the different taglines / blog descriptions I’ve used over the years.
I’m not sure I remember the very first one, I’d have to search through into old floppy discs to check that…
Past taglines :

  • Pop Life and Music Matters
  • Music was never materialized to begin with
  • Sharing music and points of view since 2004 (current Tumblr tagline)

Which brings us to the new one: Music Selector & Soul Reflector, a straight reference to Deee-Lite’s groovalicious tune, also featured on an old mixtape. 20 years old, but still pumpin, stomping and thumping, slamming and jumping…