Bonus Traque le sang chaud des Okinawais

…pendant ce temps, il y en a un qui se la coule douce à Okinawa
Amour, musique, plage, surf et awamori. Un bon programme de vacances.

Yae’s voice may sound familiar to Final Fantasy gamers. She performed FF Crystal Chronicles‘ themes and has recorded several albums on her own. Ambient moods, very strong voice, world music influences. On Flowing to the sky, the album on which きがつけば (today’s track) is featured, the reference are mainly Latin American, mixing Spanish words with tribal arragements. And this particular song features a Brazilian maracatu-like break with vocals…
2005 is l’Année du Brésil in France.

(pictures sent by Nicolas)

Yae – きがつけば (Steam Song)