Sweden, two points



Quel rigolo ce Jay-Jay Johanson. Outre ses probl√®mes de poids (d’alimentation ?) et de coiffure, il aime faire des jeux de mots avec son pr√©nom (J√§je transfom√© en Jay-Jay) et la musique disco.
On s’en rend compte sur ce remix de Keep it a secret, dans lequel il cite le refrain de A night to remember de Shalamar. Le grand √©cart.
De la m√™me mani√®re, il m’a bien fait rigoler dans le clip de On the radio, o√Ļ, sur un air ressemblant beaucoup trop √† Can’t get you out of my head pour que ce soit honn√™te, il ex√©cutait maladroitement une chor√© digne de Kamel Ouali
Tout de m√™me, quelle voix. Profonde et d√©tach√©e, l√©g√®rement voil√©e, qui s’accorde malgr√© tout au traitement sautillant de cette chanson.
On ne l’entend plus gu√®re depuis le relatif √©chec de son virage √©lectro il y a deux ans (mais bon, Funkst√∂rung, c’est clairement chiant).
Jay-Jay, reviens (avec des cheveux) !

At last, a guy in my VOICES selection… Sure, I have some, one of my favorite male singers being abuelo Ibrahim Ferrer… Dos Gardenias, what a love song.
But today, let’s have a younger male, not latin at all, from cold Sweden.
Skinny Jay-Jay Johanson must be a sad guy, he hardly smiles, has a serious haircut problem. He sings cold blues, full of sorrow and melancholy. One of his influences is Chet Baker (another favorite of mine). I saw him once on a train: he spent the whole journey looking through the window… for four or five hours!
But he is also a funny guy, who transformed his name J√§je in Jay-jay, and likes to party… As you can hear on the remix of Keep it a secret, he quotes A night to remember by Shalamar. Disco meets Nordic Pop. Nothing is impossible!
Following the dance trend, his last works were much more electronic, but nothing very exciting, apart from the ironic single On the radio. Click here to see the video intro, right between Janet Jackson and Jay-Z!
Will he be back soon (with a wig and without Funkstörung)?

Jay-Jay Johanson – Keep it a secret remix (a tribute to Venus & Serena)