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winter select 2016


1. Kolmatta Linjaa Takaisin / Fredi ◼︎ 2. Baby Lou / Alain Chamfort ◼︎ 3. It’s Hard To Dance (With A Broken Heart)* / Paulette Reaves ◼︎ 4. Secret Agent Man* / Ultimate ◼︎ 5. 魔神 / Future Girlfriend 音楽 ◼︎ 6. Dance It Off (Beam Me Up Edit) / Rena ◼︎ 7. Work (Nukumachi rmx) / DUCKY ◼︎ 8. Nomalizo / Letta Mbulu ◼︎ 9. The Greatest / KING ◼︎ 10. Lotta Love (Joey Negro Yacht Disco Mix) / Nicolette Larson ◼︎ 11. Stay / Peripheries ◼︎ 12. Never Let Me Go* / Cool Teens ◼︎ 13. I Love Kanye (Club Remix)* / ENCOSY  ◼︎ 14. Bhai Aboo / Claudio ◼︎ 15. Central Market* / Shoe vendors ◼︎ 16. Se Fue La Cumbia* / Michi y su Combo Bravo ◼︎ 17. Butterflies / Anchorsong ◼︎ 18. 彼女は彼女のベルトはタイト着て** / haircuts for men ◼︎ 19. Nights in White Satin / Bermuda Triangle

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(music selection and cover design by Playpause,
original Michelle Obama yearbook portrait from toofab.com)

*not available on Youtube
**not available as a single track on Youtube
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2015, un genre de best of


Best everything
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love
I’ve loved this band since their first album. The third one, Multi-Love, is a perfect digest of the 80s and 90s influences that percolated through pop culture this year. They’ve managed to keep their weird demo sound, to add even more groove when you thought they couldn’t and to polish the songwriting into super relevant, THC-induced funk and laid back pop. The American contradictions about « persons of color », polyamory, vintage keyboards and in-your-face neon pink : all of 2015 themes on one record. You gotta love Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty and Like Acid Rain.
Built on a great balance between nostalgia (brought by the trumpet on the intro) and our contemporary craving for Wi-Fi and mobile signal, Can’t Keep Checking My Phone* is undisputedly the best song of 2015 with the lyrics « Drink chicha / In the jungle / That sounds great / I’m kinda busy, could you call back again? ». And it came out 6 months before Drake’s Hotline Bling, Adele’s Hello and Erykah Badu’s Caint Use My Phone. HULLO UMO!

* featured on Summer Select 2015 Continue reading

En pleine apnée d’aspirine


Autumn Select op. 15

1. Suna 2X .Solaris Hilton* ⋄ 2. Oy Dünya .Gülden Karaböcek ⋄ 3. Without You .SOVATE* ⋄ 4. Success Is The Best Revenge .Robert Parker* ⋄ 5. Prends-moi je veux t’aimer .Toulouse* ⋄  6. Deep .Jones ⋄ 7. No Surpr:ses feat. Janelle Monáe .Roman GianArthur ⋄ 8. The Orchard .Quantic* ⋄ 9. Bounce Is Back .Skylar Spence ⋄ 10. Colours Of Freedom feat. Bearcubs .Tom Misch ⋄ 11. I Can’t Lose feat. Keyone Starr (Pomo remix) .Mark Ronson ⋄ 12. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House version) .Teebs ⋄ 13. Don’t Mind Me feat. Whoarei .Nosaj Thing ⋄ 14. Caféine .Minuit ⋄ 15. Fingidor .Nana Caymmi ⋄ 16. Mujer, Cansas En La Vida Real .Conejito Celvin* ⋄ 17. Sidet Eskemeche feat. Yared Teshale .Dexter Story ⋄18. The Wilhelm Scream feat. Megan Washington .The Bamboos ⋄ 19. This Is Our Love Story. Harvey-Allison Experience ⋄ 20. Age Of Transparency (Avatar sessions) .Autre Ne Veut* ⋄ 21. Just Holding On .Karin Krog ⋄ 22. The Pleasure Principle .Deradoorian*

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(music selection and cover design by Playpause,
original ‘unicorn & deer’ image from flickr)

*not available on Youtube

C’est un ruban de soleil

Summer Select 2015

Summer Select 2015

1. Summer Holiday • Terry Winter ☼ 2. Can’t Keep Checking My Phone • Unknown Mortal Orchestra ☼ 3. I Can’t Believe It’s Over • Darryl Payne feat. Will Downing ☼ 4. Walkman .「fibre」☼ 5. Le premier bonheur du jour (MrCØ Remix) • Françoise Hardy ☼ 6. La Notte (Cha Cha Cha) • Giorgio Gaslini* ☼ 7. Es War Einmal • Cluster ☼ 8. Pietermaritzburg • Felix Laband ☼ 9. Cajueiro Velho • Alcione ☼ 10. Asakusa • Fakear ☼ 11. Bam Bam • Castro ☼ 12. Ribena • Andres ☼ 13. Yolanda • Vruno ☼ 14. Street Talk (Var. II) • The Bob Crewe Generation ☼ 15. Roman Clay (27 BC) • Roman à Clef* ☼ 16. Morning Highway • Anri* ☼ 17. Affaire Theme Guitar • Stelvio Cipriani* ☼ 18. Groovin’ (Out On Life) • Nolan Porter ☼ 19. The Boomerang • Don Covay ☼ 20. Love For Sale • Ernestine Anderson

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(Music selection and cover design by Playpause,
image from the Smithsonian,
via Design is Fine)

*not available on Youtube

In the early morning light



1_ Monti’s Revenge_ Sultans Of String*
2_ Tombei feat. Tropkillaz_ Karol Conka
3_ To Death_ Boulevards*
4_ Superfriends_ ZHU
5_ Margarida_ Fatnotronic
6_ Vacant Lot_ Dengue Fever*
7_ In The Air_ Chasing Kurt
8_ For Her_ //ktbfu//
9_ Gimme A Little Action_ Sylvia
10_ Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night_ Boney M
11_ Akai Fuusen_ Miyoko Asada
12_ All My Love_ KOA
13_ Lady Midnight_ Halloween
14_ Close_ HRRSN
15_ I Wanna Hear It From You_ Jackie Ross*
16_ I Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life Away_ Merry Clayton
17_ Somebodies Baby_ Tapes
18_ A Thing Called Love (Don’t Fight)_ Singers & Players
19_ Fleance feat. Keith Chegwin_ Third Ear Band
* not available on Youtube / pas disponible sur Youtube

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(Music selection and cover design by Playpause,
image taken from Retro City Rampage,
title font: Karmatic Arcade)

We could dance in the echoes


Playpause est toujours là, plus beau, plus fort, plus responsive qu’avant. Fêtons ça avec une nouvelle Summer Select un peu tardive, mais comme il fait encore beau et chaud, j’ai le droit.

Nouveauté de la rentrée, en plus du dossier que tu peux télécharger, une playlist sur Youtube (en bas du post) pour écouter en ligne, partager et faire tourner.

Playpause is back and more responsive than ever. Let’s celebrate with the latest release of my seasonal mixtapes. I don’t about the weather where you live, but Paris is still sunny and warm, so I guess it’s OK to call it Never-ending Summer Select.

You can also listen to it on Youtube or at the bottom of the post.

Share and enjoy!

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1. Tracks Of My Tears – The Pharaohs
2. ただそれだけのこと – Maki Hayashi
3. La rua Madureira – Nino Ferrer
4. Samba Olec – Hong Kong Syndikat
5. Dalkavuk (Baris K Edit) – Senay
6. I Don’t Want – David Marston
7. New Romance – Azekel
8. Singapore – REID
9. Lying Together – FKJ
10. Us – Movement
11. Moon Sniper (feat. Shigeo Nakano) – Rondenion
12. When I Hear The Music – Mitchbal & The Housemaster
13. Duster Loves His Nana – Duster Valentine
14. Use My Body – Mavis John
15. Robes – Madlib
16. Never Disappear – Apollo Brown
17. Sweet Pea – Altyrone Deno Brown
18. St. Louis Blues – Maxine Sullivan

« A little sunny and a little sad, like the season,
and infinite in wealth and depth of tone,
but never hustled »

Henry Adams

(Music selection and cover design by Playpause)
(Font : Hallo Sans Light)

Taglines change, Playpause stays


Opération WordPress (quasiment) terminée. Il me reste à corriger des petits détails, comme caler les images et rétablir les liens entre les billets sur la nouvelle plateforme. Rien ou si peu, quoi.
En attendant, pour fêter la nouvelle tagline de Playpause, un clin d’œil aux increvables Deee-Lite, déjà présents sur une vieille compile

Operation WordPress (almost) accomplished. Minor changes still to come, such as updated links and aligned icons. Not that much.
While you’re waiting for Playpause to be super clean, while you’re expecting the next Select (it’s ready, coming very soon), a little reminder of the different taglines / blog descriptions I’ve used over the years.
I’m not sure I remember the very first one, I’d have to search through into old floppy discs to check that…
Past taglines :

  • Pop Life and Music Matters
  • Music was never materialized to begin with
  • Sharing music and points of view since 2004 (current Tumblr tagline)

Which brings us to the new one: Music Selector & Soul Reflector, a straight reference to Deee-Lite’s groovalicious tune, also featured on an old mixtape. 20 years old, but still pumpin, stomping and thumping, slamming and jumping…

WordPress in progress


Playpause passe de Dotclear à WordPress.
Des travaux sont en cours, veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée.

Playpause is migrating from Dotclear to WordPress.
Work in progress, we apologize for the inconvenience.

10 random thoughts about Beyoncé / 10 trucs au sujet de Beyoncé


Truc n°1. Personne ne peut reprendre les chansons de Beyoncé

Le premier candidat de téléréalité qui reprend Crazy In Love se fait sortir par les rouges du jury et les votes du public en moins de temps qu’il faut pour twerker. Peu d’artistes mainstream parviennent à incarner leur personnage musical de façon aussi aboutie, et sur la durée : il est extrêmement risqué de s’attaquer frontalement à du Céline Dion, du Madonna ou du Michael Jackson sans passer pour un baltringue. Si tu en doutes, mate ce duo Janelle Monáe / Kimbra : alors que la première assure la relève en envoyant du très très lourd, l’autre tire sur les cordes vocales comme une chanteuse de baloche. Cela dit, avec les bonnes chansons, il y a toujours matière à… The Weeknd s’en est sorti, en refroidissant Drunk In Love au point d’en faire une version complètement dépressive, loin de l’ode langoureuse que le morceau est à l’origine. Autre possibilité : faire des reprises sans musique ni choré, comme les Beyoncélogues de l’hilarante, mais pas que, Nina Millin. Continue reading

Catching up

1 Prelude to Audiotronics = PNS
2 Don’t Call It Love (12″ version) = Zero 7
3 Gotas = Taiguara
4 Youth (Le Youth remix) = Foxes
5 Embrace (version) = Hayden James
6 Ain’t Got Nobody (Original mix) = Sísý Ey
7 Until We Shine (Original mix) = David August Feat. Yvy
8 I’m Gonna Leave You = Melanie De Biasio
9 Blue Canary = Ayumi Ishida
10 Galaxy (I’m the Ruler) = Bill Campbell & Aaron Harry
11 I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You = Suzee Ikeda
12 Mi Chico Favorito = Susana Estrada
13 Skater Lady = Rollergirl
14 Watching The World (Prins Thomas diskomiks) = Surahn
15 Wild Fancy Sampler = Scha Dara Parr
16 Together = Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch
17 Living With My Best Friend = Ruthann Friedman
18 Idhu Oru Nila Kalam = S. Janaki & T.V.Gopalakrishnan
19 Mad George = Don Cooper
20 I Don’t Think I Know Her = Tee & Cara

Claude Debussy au piano dans la propriété d' Ernest Chausson à Luzancy.

1 An Angel With No Halo (Prince Fatty dub) = Nostalgia 77
2 Malvina = Maria Creuza
3 Lúcia Esparadrapo = Betinho
4 Love Story = Miki Hirayama
5 I Can Tell = John Handy
6 (It’s) Rough Out Here = The Modulations
7 Two Worlds = Amerigo Gazaway feat. Kanye West
8 Désordre Musical = Les Pachas Du Canapé Vert
9 A Brand New Wayo = Mixed Grill
10 Wait = Obey City
11 Aerosol Can = Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams
12 We Do Fiesta (Original mix) = Greeko
13 Jerk Ribs (Beatnik remix) = Kelis
14 Something In The Air (Bonobo remix) = Maya Jane Coles
15 World From A Cloud = Marcelo
16 Blue Dream = Jhene’ Aiko
17 I Am Ocean = Laraaji
18 Irene = Rodrigo Amarante
19 Black Trombone = Catherine Sauvage
20 Down To The Sound = Bibio

download CD1+CD2

Why couldn’t it be lasting
just one more day?

(Original image:
Claude Debussy au piano dans la propriété d’ Ernest Chausson à Luzancy,

(Music selection and cover design by PlayPause)